A Death Sentence

Just as she was about to reach the door, the chanting crowd fell silent. This abrupt change in the atmosphere surprised her, and Devira turned to see what had happened. A man in a suit had appeared on stage.

"Nefritia Comic Con!" he thundered into his microphone. "Are you hungry for our main event?!"

The crowd bellowed in unison: "AYE!" and fell silent as the grave again.

Nefritia? Where was she? Devira watched as a man, who she recognized as Luan, was dragged onto the stage by two police officers. But wasn't Luan in the crowd moments ago? Devira could tell something was up. Luan was now cursing at a "Daphne Harper" and a "Will Mertins". She had never heard of either of them, not that it bothered her.

The announcer on stage was now giving a life or death choice to the woman named Daphne.

"Release or death, Missandei. It's your choice."

So Daphne had to decide whether Luan was to die or be freed. The crowd seemed to grow excited at the mention of her name. It was like some sort of a twisted reality show that featured execution of supposed offenders. Devira had no idea why this Luan was to be punished this way, and she didn't understand why Daphne was given the power to choose. The crowd however, seemed to respond well to the "event".

Devira wanted no part of this. She needed her memories back. Slowly, the woman moved to the back of the crowd. She was planning to get away from all of this before the situation escalated.

Gunshots were fired. Chaos erupted in the building. What had seemed to be a moment of celebration was now a horror scene. Someone had just shot the announcer multiple times. Devira watched the woman named Daphne hide behind the guillotine, and then...watched as the blade came down.

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