A Small Diversion

For some unknown reason, Devira felt the need to move in closer to the front. As she edged her way through the crowd, she noticed another man who looked exactly like the Luan on stage. Devira was beginning to understand what was going on. She suddenly noticed the handsome man who was talking to Luan earlier. He was being arrested by the two policemen, and the gun in his hand suggested that he was the shooter.

Devira wanted to ignore what was happening, but...she couldn't. Something told her that Luan and this man knew what was going on. Moving towards Luan, Devira quickly slid her hand into a man's jacket as he passed her. The movement was so fluid, it was almost like an involuntary reflex.

She pulled out a wallet and some sleeping pills. How she did that she did not know, but now was not the time to figure things out. It seemed that Luan was trying to get up on the stage, and behind him was a confused and bewildered redhead. Devira quickly stepped in front of them, blocking their path. "Follow me, I know the way." She then slid past the crowd, sliding her hands into a few people's pockets along the way.

She managed to pull out some gum, a gold watch, and a penknife. As she neared the two police officers, Devira positioned herself behind a young man and carefully slid all the things she stole into his pocket. She then pushed herself towards him, took his free hand and shoved it up her dress, cursing herself as she did so.

"What the -" the man exclaimed, but Devira cut him short with a loud scream. "This man is trying to rape me!" She shouted, loud enough for the officers to hear. Then, in a quick fluid movement, Devira placed her foot between the young man's leg and swept it towards the back of his foot. She combined this movement with a small defensive push, and this resulted in the man tripping and falling over the officers.

Devira immediately took the situation into her control; she stepped in between the arrested man and the officers, acting as though she was protecting herself from the confused young man she had used as bait. "This man tried to hurt me!" she screamed at the officers. "He has a knife in his pocket! Check him!" The officers immediately searched the man, and while they did, Devira eyed the other man and signaled for him to escape.

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