Left for Dead

The suited attendant did not die from the gunshots. That observation was enough to tell Devira that this "Nefritia" wasn't an ordinary place. Not that she knew what an ordinary place was, but being able to survive after half of your face was blown off isn't ordinary, at least not to Devira. And what made it even abnormal was the fact that the attendant continued to speak, even through the remnants of his blasted face.

"Will Mertins! We were here to test the bloodlust of your friend, but through your own it seems you have made the choice for her!"

Once the apprehended man was able to escape, the woman took her chance to slip away while the officers were still distracted. She made her way onto the stage, just in time to see who was on the guillotine. And no, it wasn't Luan anymore, at least not the real one. But another man, an older one with a dark brown hair and reddish brown eyes. Devira did not recognize him at all, but looking at the horrified expression on Luan's face as he stood in front of the crowd, she could tell he was someone they knew.

It all happened so quickly. The blade whistled as it flew down towards the man's head. A sickening crunch followed; the man's head left his body and rolled down slowly off the stage, leaving a trail of crimson red behind it. It came to a rest at Luan's feet, gazing up at him with staring eyes and a gaping mouth. Devira witnessed all of this with a mixture of disgust and fear. What was happening? Who were all these people? She needed the answers, but time was running short.

A bald man stood next to her, and she assumed that he was with Daphne and the other man named Will. Devira motioned for him to follow her, and she headed for Will and Daphne. Behind the guillotine, she found a horror-stricken Daphne being comforted by a concerned yet panicked Will. She knelt next to them, as if they weren't noticed by the crowd already. "Look, I don't know what's going on, but if we stay here, we'll all die. So unless you're both okay with that, I suggest we start moving."

[Edit: I'm underlining interactions between Devira and other characters, in case some might just want to skip through the narrative.]

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