The sudden weight of Daphne and the rush of emotions coming from her knocked Will from his focused mentality. With the sudden halt, the events began registering fully.
If he hadn’t fired the gun, Morgan would possibly be alive.
He didn’t know Morgan too well, about as much as everyone else, but he was still one of their group.
Frustration welled up in his mind again, first the woman in the cave, God he couldn’t even remember her name, now this. All of it was bullshit and it made him even more furious that there was seemingly no one he could kill to avenge them.
“Stop. We can’t dwell on it now. We still need to get somewhere safe.”
Holding her against him, he made his way to Luan, all the while watching the eerie crowd.
“Luan, where is Brian? And does anyone have a goddamn clue about where to go?”

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