The door and the crowd

The door in the back of the stage was an oddity in the first place. When Brian opened it, it revealed something even odder. It was a room full of military-style bunk beds, set in a rigid grid. On one of the top bunks lay an unconscious girl with blue hair.

But as soon as Brian had opened the door, the entire conference hall begun to vibrate. The announcer, unfazed as ever by Will's attempt to tackle him, raised an arm and gestured past Brian towards the open door. "The beginning of the end of the beginning," he said serenely, his voice echoing through the hall. "But who will see the end of the cycle?" His voice began to fade. Particles began falling from his clothes. "Better hurry now. I have a feeling this crowd is gonna go... wild..." And he dissolved before their eyes, leaving nothing but a fine layer of ashes on the stage.

From several places in the audiences, a sound of growling began to emerge.

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