One way out

The growling noise from the hall had quieted the moment the door to the hall had been closed, but despite the hall having been replaced with a broom closet, the sound was not completely gone yet. When he listened closely after tearing down the shelves, Will could still hear what sounded like a horde of rabid animals behind the wooden back of the closet. He also heard a voice. "Where did you guys go?!" It was Akane. She sounded terrified, panic making her voice jump at random syllables. "I saw you go through here! Please, open the door!"

The military dorm was barren in equipment. No trunks underneath the beds, and though the frames were not tied down, they were heavy and not easy to move around. The only way out was another door, directly opposite the one they had come in. The door had a matte glass window. Behind it was darkness.

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