Breaking and entering

Devira strode past Luan towards the open closet. It fascinated her that the room around them had changed so suddenly. She wondered what kind of dream this had to be for something like that to happen. Through the back wall of the closet, she did hear scratching and growled murmurs, but it was a distant sound. The girl Luan had called Akane had sounded much closer. She leaned in to check if she could hear more.

That's when a green, scaly claw suddenly burst through the wood and grabbed her by the throat.

The sounds suddenly became much louder, an echoing cacaphony of a monstrous menagerie that only seemed to grow in volume and decrease in proximity. Devira struggled fruitlessly against the hand that had grabbed her, her legs kicking air as she was pulled off the ground. She managed to twist her head a little in the creature's firm grasp, and her eyes found Daphne. "Help... me..." she croaked through the crushing of her windpipe, her arm outstretched, as the bestial noises behind the wood grew ever closer.

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