A Dirty Burrow

<<Devira managed to twist her head a little in the creature's firm grasp, and her eyes found Daphne. "Help... me..." she croaked through the crushing of her windpipe, her arm outstretched, as the bestial noises behind the wood grew ever closer.>>

Daphne stared in horror as the only other sister in their party was slowly choked out. But was she really part of all this? Daphne didn’t even know her name. It was time to keep themselves alive and tighten up their rule book to make these little moral dilemmas easier to overlook. And maybe, just maybe, Daphne didn’t like sharing the brown girl spotlight with another woman.

“Nope!” Daphne grabbed Will’s hand and dragged him away from the closet. She hadn’t expected to be running for her life quite so soon or she’d have changed out of these damned heels. She moved them towards the only exit, the way Eris and Brian and gone. “We can’t ‘elp that one. Only took one o’ dem things to bust through the wall, and it ain’t alone. You seen it’s claw? We ain’t fuckin’ witit.” She dragged at Will harder, he seemed more reluctant to leave the dying Devira behind.

“When the others ask you can blame it on me, but you’ll be alive and that’s more important. Now come on,” she lead them through the doorway and into the - earthen tunnel? Shit, this did not bode well for Daphne’s clean curls and white dress. Then she realized the whistling she’d been hearing, it grew louder and Brian was backtracking on them.

“We ain’t going that way, Brian. We’re runnin!”

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