From the edge...

There was no time for thought as the roar of what ever chased them was stifled by the graveyard press of earth falling in all around them. Eris closed her eyes as she tore forward, stumbling with a whimper as soil and stone struck her full in the chest.

She staggered forward a few more steps before the ground gave way and they were all sliding then falling through the dark and the dirt. She tried to scream but found her mouth filled with water as she was plunged with the others into deep water.

She choked and flailed. Struggling to the surface and doing her best to spit and cough out the muddy liquid while still treading water. She could not catch her breath, the shock of cold water and panic taking its toll. Gods she was going to die, she was going to..

No! the panic hit a wall in her mind. No! She was going to survive. She was not going to die flailing around in the dark. Inch by inch she brought herself under control. She slowed her movements and steadied her raged breath until she was able to release a half scream, half sob of relief that she was still alive.

Eventually she was calm enough to look around, there were others down here with her, most of them moving as she was. Beneath the surface then she saw the shape of a body that was not moving, face down in the water. It was too dark to make out details but if Eris did nothing....

She swam towards the floating body and shivered she rolled it over with shaking hands.

"Daphne!" she screamed, "Somebody help! Daphne.." she brushed the woman's hair from her eyes and looked at her tranquil face in panic, "Help, I think she's drowned."

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