An unlikely ally

Wait... The tunnel had been pitch black. How could they make out anything down here?

Those who still had the presence of mind to take in their surroundings would notice quickly enough. The cave in which the lake was situated was dotted with pale, luminescent mushrooms and moss all along the walls. Streaks of the glowing vegetation jutted from ridges and hung from the cavern ceiling. It was eerie and beautiful, probably the most lovely thing they had seen so far since waking up.

One thing quickly became clear: the lake did not fill the cavern. The shore was a dozen yards away, the waves from their fall and movements lapping onto sand that sparkled with that same eerie blue-green glow. The cave itself seemed to stretch on much further beyond that.

From behind a pile of jutting boulders, a figure appeared. It looked humanoid, but it moved awkwardly, stooped down with a hunch. Glowing mushrooms sprang from its body, bouncing and swaying with its movements. Part of its head seemed covered in the glowing moss. It seemed to be very wary toward the people swimming in the lake, but when Eris cried out for help, it stepped closer to the water's edge and called in a clear and bright woman's voice: "Over here! This way, quick! The water's not safe!"

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