The Best He Can Do

Sputtering and thrashing for the first few moments he hit the water, it took several more seconds to tell his body he was no longer falling.
He found he wasn’t the best swimmer apparently, the act of staying afloat an awkward flail of limbs.
It was Eris he heard first, her panicked screams bringing the chaos back to the world.
“Daphne! Where is she?”
A voice in the back of his mind wanted to instantly distrust the strange being at the shore, but that was the only place they had to go.
His doggy paddle was enough to get him over to the floating body, but now he faced the issue of getting her over to relative safety.
“Hello, who else made it here?”
He could see movement, but wasn't sure if it was a new aquatic menace or his allies.
For the moment, the best he could do was to help Eris keep Daphne above water.

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