This Is Good...

The joy of seeing Daphne hacking up water was immediately replaced with a whole slew of emotions as she pulled him close. This time, there was no subtle looks and light hints, this time Will took the chance given and embraced Daphne fiercely.
The words she spoke struck a different chord in him, one he would address later.
As much as he wanted to forget everything else and be with her, with her survival he kicked back into survival Will.
Still holding her in case she fell through the floor or something else random, he looked to the others.
“Luan. Thank you, you have no idea how glad I am that you know CPR.”
Another battle for another day, he wasn’t going to be enough to keep Daphne alive. Not unless he learned.
His attention went to the apparently friendly fungus-person.
“What is going on with them? Are they just another thing placed before us by Them?”

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