The Mushroom People

The strange woman breathed a sigh of relief as Daphne came to. She smiled as Will embraced her, clearly touched. Underneath the luminescent moss on her face, she looked like she might have once been beautiful. But her voice was crisp and clear when she spoke.

"We're just like you, I think," she said in a sad tone. She had a Welsh accent, but it seemed strangely warped, as if she'd only spoken to non-Welsh people for a long time. "Assuming you, too, are Slates." She regarded their confused faces for a moment. "It's what we call the people who appear here with no memory. You know, blank slates? I am Julie. Ellen and Gorrister are back at the camp, it's pretty close. But..." She looked at Daphne. "I think you may have some broken ribs. I could hear them cracking. Does it hurt when you breathe or move?"

She stood up slowly. The way she moved made her look older, fragile. Her hunch seemed more pronounced when she stood. Her clothes looked like a pile of dark rags hanging awkwardly off her body. She made her way over to a nearby rock where a small cluster of mushrooms grew. She stood there for a moment, peering into the darkness. Then suddenly, with startling deftness, she cut a few and walked back.

"The mushrooms have a healing power," she said, holding them to her chest. Her face was lit from below now, and it had a spooky effect. "You... you'll need to rub them on your chest. That'll hurt, but... Your ribs would heal overnight. Or you could just eat them. We do that all the time, but... Gorrister can explain that better, I think." She stood awkwardly for a moment, then held out the small bouquet of mushrooms. "If you want. I won't force you to do anything. Promise it'll help, though."

"Oh, and..." She looked up again for a moment, peering back towards the nearby rock. "I think someone else is here, too. Must have been meant for you." Indeed, there was movement in the dark as the silhouette of a young woman stepped into the dim light.

OOC: Irene, meet the rest of the group!

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