Out of the Shadows, I Suppose

Irene felt her breath catch in her throat when the mushroom-figure caught her out. She had thought no-one would see her... Still, despite her growing apprehension, she moved further into the light.
Was that really apprehension? Certainly, it wasn't one of the few vaguely-positive feelings she had felt since waking up. But it wasn't like she was really afraid of the strangers or anything. She just... didn't want to be there, surrounded by other people. Even so, she had been the one to choose to follow the voices instead of the weird fire, so it was her own fault. May as well swallow the consequences.
"... Hey. I'm, uh, Irene. I think." That felt about right, even if she didn't have any memory to back up that claim. She glanced around, noting the two people practically curled up in each other's arms and the other that had saved one of their lives. "It looks like you're already, um, familiar with each other. Wasn't really hiding, just didn't want to, uh..." Her gaze flickered between the two that had been kissing, then snapped back to the uneven floor. "... intrude."
She shifted her weight awkwardly from foot to foot, wondering what to do next. Even without her memory, the awkward feeling building in her chest told her that she had never really been a social person.

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