Mushroom People

Seeing Gorrister was a shock, which surprised Will given what he had seen.
He must have survived a long time for his current state to happen.
“How have you lived this long? This, Nefritia, has made it clear to us we can’t stay in one spot for long.”
A morbid part of him marveled at Gorrister as he continued to feed on mushrooms. Getting past the taste, they were starting to be quite filling.
“And why do the mushrooms stave off this mystery infection?”
He noticed Daphne comforting the new girl, her name had already slipped his mind as he now just expected her to die. Part of him wanted to get closer and kindle what they had started further, but logic slapped him and returned him to the current situation.
Hopefully they would live to see something come of their embrace.

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