They were valid questions; the answers to which Daphne did want to know, but damn Will had tossed them out with no tact. For all they knew, this Gorrister fellow was on his last moments of life, and the woman by his side, while not so far gone (as if Daphne were really able to judge the progression of...whatever this was) well Daphne couldn’t imagine there being a reversal of symptoms in her future.

“We don’t mean to sound insensitive to your condition, but we are naturally curious...I’m not sure that’s a serious enough word. We are concerned that the longer we remain down here to secure these answers, the less likely we’ll be to recover or go on our way if we should choose to take our chances up there. Perhaps we could address the glaring questions should time prove short then go back and make polite talk and fill in the less urgent points. My name is Daphne and we fell through a pit or landslide directly into the lake back there. Nothing in this place seems to be permanent or have it’s own place so we never know how far we’ve come, where we’re going or whether we’ve actually made any progress. How did you three come to be in this place and how long have you been here?”

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