Violence and visions

"Now listen to me y'wee bollix. Ah am not nibbling on y'button mushroom and ah am not sitting round here waiting t'become a talking plant pot. Y'look like a sack o' rotten haggis and y'don't smell much better. Fuck that!"

She poked him now as she spoke, "Now how do we get out of here!"

The woman called Ellen jumped up, actually leapt over the fire and pushed Eris over. "What you think you doing?!" she yelled. "We help you! You dumb or stupid?! Leave him be!" She stood over Eris, her chest heaving with anger. Her remaining eye seemed to blaze in the darkness.

Julie addressed the others, not entirely keeping the bitterness out of her voice. "Is she horrible to everyone or just to people trying to help?"

Gorrister sighed. "You are going to need to know about the visions first, since they're likely to start soon. For you in particular, Daphne. They are vivid, and we think they may be memories that are otherwise lost to us. Memories of ourselves at our worst. They last only a few minutes each time, but during that time the outside world is lost to you. You cannot be woken from it. So whoever ate, best you now prepare your

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