We need a Peacekeeper

At Eris’ outburst, Daphne jumped up even as had Ellen and was rewarded with a sharp pain in her side for the effort. Daphne clutched at her ribs while there was some talking back and forth between the parties.

<<Julie addressed the others, not entirely keeping the bitterness out of her voice. "Is she horrible to everyone or just to people trying to help?">>

The truth was, they knew next to nothing about one another. They split all their time, either separated and fleeing from one danger after another, or all together and running for their lives. Neither were conducive to small talk or getting to know one another. Even Will, with whom Daphne felt a genuine attraction, there was very little exchanged between them. They didn’t know one another at all and how could they? No one knew themselves.

“I’m sorry Julie; Eris should not have done that. I don’t think she’s a horrible person, just scared as are we all. We did not come here to cause problems. We did not even know this place existed and I imagine that’s a secret you lot try hard to maintain.” Daphne placed a hand on Gorrister’s head, unaware that she was even doing it. “Perhaps it would be best if we went our separate ways and let Gorrister surround himself with those he has come to know and care for before his body relinquishes life as we know it. Those are private times, all the more in a place like Nefritia, and we do not wish to intrude.”

<<Gorrister sighed. "You are going to need to know about the visions first, since they're likely to start soon. For you in particular, Daphne. They are vivid, and we think they may be memories that are otherwise lost to us. Memories of ourselves at our worst. They last only a few minutes each time, but during that time the outside world is lost to you. You cannot be woken from it. So whoever ate, best you now prepare yourself. >>

Daphne put on a brave face - probably a thin veil that others saw right through - and knelt down to get as close to Gorrister’s stony face as possible. “Well that doesn’t sound so bad. I’ve been struggling to remember who I am and after the alcoholic angled aspect I saw while drowning…well let’s just say I hope that was merely a dream. Either way, won’t knowing something of our past help us move forward?” She was genuinely asking, searching Gorrister’s twisted, lumpy face for confirmation. She tried not to think about the other parts; lost to the outside world. Maybe it wasn’t as ominous as Gorrister made it out to sound.

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