Ways out

"Two ways out," Ellen said thickly, sitting back down with a vicious glare at Eris. "One is water. Dangerous. Other way is fissure. Also dangerous."

Julie clarified: "You've seen the water... We don't know what makes whatever is in there attack. We suspect the wall at the end of the water doesn't go all the way to the bottom. Someone came up that way once before, and he did get by... whatever it is in there."

Gorrister finished the explanation. "There is a fissure in the wall, not far from this camp. Fresh air comes from there, so it is likely a way through, but the fissure is narrow, the footing steep and uneven. More than once we've heard the death cries of those who fell down unseen holes trying to pass through it in the dark. One of those times, they got stuck somewhere... We don't have days to measure how long it took for the cries to stop, but..." He trailed off, but the point was made.

After a moment of silence Gorrister looked up at Daphne. "I thank you for your kindness. Please, have a seat now. Your visions can begin at any moment. I would not like for you to fall into the fire when they do. Not everyone loses consciousness, but some do. Anyone else who ate may want to do the same."

Irene quietly obliged and sat down by a boulder, twiddling nervously with her scarf. She didn't want to think about what it could be she might see. She didn't feel like the sort of person who would do something terrible... But she didn't actually know, did she?

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