OOC - Hiatus and resurrection

Hey everyone! Been a while, huh?

As I think you all know, Esimed has left the building at a rather crucial moment in Daphne's storyline. That and a general apathy spreading through much of the community has put the brakes on this little horror game of mine.

However, I don't want this place to go to waste. This story is far from over, and there are many more torturous experiences to be had, and I think we were just getting to some of the best parts! So here's the low down on my plans.

I intend to make a sizeable update in a week or two, which hopefully will open up the game again to a point where everyone can actually have some input and the story can start rolling once more. I hope everyone who was active before the hiatus struck will rejoin me at that time, which at this point would be LargeHobbit, Winters and Lucian. Even before the hiatus, Shade64 had been absent for about 2 months, so I'll take over Alyssa.

If you have any input on the when and how of this game's return to form, now's the best time!

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