Eris heard Ari read out the headlines and her blood ran cold. She emerged from the kitchen area, knife in hand and her face as pale as ghost.

"What was that about bombings in Inverness?" she asked, "Let me see." she shouldered Ari out of the way and snatched the clipping from the board to take a closer look.

She could make no sense of the words. She understood them right enough, she could read the article fine..."Bombings in Inverness and Glasgow Leave 8 Dead..." she said it out loud and shivered at the sound of it, but still it brought forward no memory no link with the life she had forgotten. That was, she mused, if there had been a life she had forgotten.

Scotland, that was home? She felt like it was and she knew her accent should tell others as much, but she could remember nothing of it. Just a sharp magnetic tug, an affinity. She should know more about this she was sure. She gripped the knife until her knuckles were white as she read and re-read the article.

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