Clothes Maketh the Woman

"Oy! What I just say 'bout leavin' anyone on their own?" Daphne hollered at Will who'd just left her on her own. Sure they were only in the next room, but this was a small flat inside a smaller shack inside......Hell? And there were creepy sounds coming from the corner with the pint-sized clothing thrown about. Those were the same sounds she'd heard from the beetle when it scurried under the kitchen counters. She didn't want to think about that, but now that she was hearing it again she couldn't STOP thinking about it.

Daphne slipped a shirt on over her workout clothes and stretched it down to cover her stomach. She stuffed a pair of jeans and another shirt into a bag she found on the floor of the closet then turned around to consider the beetle clicky clothes pile. Without thinking about it, as if she’d done it a hundred times before, she reached back behind her, pulled the leather jacket off it’s hanger and flung her arms through the sleeves and tugged it into place. It fit like a glove.

She dropped the bag by the bedroom door then stepped over to the nearest nightstand and rummaged through the drawer. “Yes!” she let out a quiet cheer and pulled out a handful of cheap elastic hairbands that she crammed in the pocket of her jacket. That was one problem solved.

Those damned beetle clicky sounds called to her again. “Sod it,” she sighed and grabbed up the lamp, pulling it’s cord roughly from the wall. She moved around the bed to the pile of clothes in the corner and carefully poked at them with the base of the lamp, trying not to get any closer than she had to.

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