Snatch and Run

Eris folded up the clipping and tucked it into her jeans pocket. She then started to pluck off the remaining articles and do likewise. They were important somehow, she knew that much and unless they remained here for a while they would need time to read them, to try to pry some sort of meaning out of them.

She was just pulling away and folding the final clipping when a sound from the bedroom caught her attention. A low chittering sound, working its way up to something louder, something familiar. She could hear Will and Daphne reacting with what sounded like horror and shoving the paper into her now bulging pocket she charged through knife in hand.


She screamed at the sight that greeted her as she entered the room and stamped away the bugs that skittered around at her feet.

"Out!" she cried to the other two, "Let's get the fuck out!"

She stared at the humanoid figure for a moment and with her free hand snatched at Daphne to drag her away with her.

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