She Knew She Should Have Stayed Outside

Farah had been staring at the black TV screen much longer than she should have considering she was getting nowhere with it. Yet, she hoped it might just flicker on again and tell her more. There has to be more.

At last she was able to pry herself away when the rest of the group scattered to search the flat. Will and Daphne went off into a room and Eris and Ari were standing far away enough, inspecting some papers. Farah slowly pushed herself onto her feet and looked towards Eris and Ari before creeping off into the kitchen in search for supplies. Perhaps if she could find some food and perhaps a water bottle or something, she could start moving off by herself. Perhaps no one would even notice her.

The moment Farah stuffed a can under her hoodie was the moment she heard Eris's shout to get out. Farah hadn't noticed the clicking noises before, but now they were distinguishable as a gunshot. The can dropped out of her shirt, and she rushed to where the sound was coming from. She peered into the room where Will and Daphne stood surrounded by beetles. Some even crawled up Farah's legs, but she brushed them away rapidly.

And then there was that word again, "mommy." This time not as ear piercing, but still as terrifying.

Farah barely thought before she started running, going along with Eris's lead. She knew she should have stayed outside, she knew she should have stayed outside.

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