"The food!" yelled Ari. "We need the food!" He ran to the kitchen, grabbed a cotton tote bag hanging on a hook (the meaningless phrase "Marks & Spencer" printed on the front) and started shoving the cans inside as well as the can opener. But the beetles were streaming from underneath the cabinets now too. They poured from overhead as well, raining on and around Ari, who shrieked and barely held on to the tote bag, now bulging with supplies.

In the bedroom, the child's figure grew larger, the moaning, clicking, chattering voice growing louder as the number of beetles continued to grow. It reached an arm towards Daphne, beetles dropping from it, writhing and pulsing with the gleaming red bugs that swarmed through and around it. "Mooooooommyyyyyyyy..."

Ari yelled from the kitchen. "Grab what you can and go!" He zipped up the bag and made to leap to the door. His feet seemed stuck, and he looked down. The bugs were swarming around his ankles in such thickness he could not pull his feet free. He caught Farah's eye and yelled: "Catch!" He slung the bag in her direction, then made to pull his feet free. He managed to untangle his left foot, set a crunching step towards the living room, lost his balance and fell. Immediately the swarm covered him. He had barely a moment to scream before the beetles entered his mouth as well. Then he vanished out of sight.

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