I'm not your Mother!

The Beetle Monster was disgusting and creepy and she suspected unnatural, but not all together terrifying. Until it started calling out for Mommy in that god awful inflection.

“You ‘ear that as well?” Daphne looked at Will for confirmation that she wasn’t imagining the sound as she may well have been imagining herself in the photo. But neither of them felt imaginary. Daphne’s hand holding the lamp began to tremble and she felt as if the voice were directed at her alone. And it no longer mattered if the others heard language in the voice because the insects were coming from everywhere and crawling over everything and everyone was responding as such. At least she was not alone in this miserable room.

"Mooooooommyyyyyyyy..." came the accusation in that inhuman voice and it reached a bug-construct arm towards the dark-skinned woman. Definitely terrifying now. Eris ran in wielding a kitchen knife and let out a scream. "Out!" Eris cried to the other two, "Let's get the fuck out!" Then Eris was dragging Daphne from the room even while Daphne verbally contended with the horror. “I’m not your muffa; I can’t be! I don’t remember you. You’re notta real boy! You’re not my son!” Daphne had the sense to snag a hand around the strap of her pack as Will and Eris pulled her from the room with the tall, curvy Farah several steps ahead and moving fast.

“Catch!” A bag came soaring from the kitchen towards Farah. Daphne deliberately turned her head away from the pin board as they ran past which meant she wasn’t looking towards the kitchen when Ari went down in a strangled scream.

The beetles were coming out from everything, they crunched and crushed underfoot. “Fuckin’ ‘ell! Run! Les get the fuck outta ‘ere!” Daphne could apologize for her language later. Maybe when she said a few kind words for poor Ari. They hadn’t even a chance to get to know him, but he was the best Ari they had and that had to count for something.

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