The Terror Of Death

Farah fell behind when she heard Ari’s voice screaming out. Yes, he was right, they should grab the supplies. With a moment of hesitation too long, she turned back around and looked at the man surrounded by the beetles.

Farah hadn’t expected this. She thought the most of them were just in the bedroom, but now they were coming from everywhere. She caught Ari’s gaze just when he threw the bag of supplies at her. Out of reflex, she caught it, but didn’t contintue running.

Farah was frozen in terror. The Beatles drowning out the man in front of her with their fiery red bodies and their too many feet, making their way down his throat. At last instinct took over and while shaking a couple more attackers off her legs, she ran.

Farah wouldn’t have been able to save him even is she tried. Right? She would have sacrificed herself for a man she didn’t even know. Running was her only option.

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