Well what do you know?

“We’re right fucked out ‘ere. The woman waving the knife at you just wants to make sure you aren’t ‘ere to add to it. If we seem overly excitable its cause we’ve seen some proper nasty shit since we all woke up in a creepy clearing just through there. The way you came. So anyfing you could tell us would be great. Your name, where you’re from, last thing you remember, ‘ave you go’ weapons on you, ever seen a pile of beetles turn into a boy and call you mommy...that sorta thing.”

<A new voice drifted towards the group on the wind. This voice was more clearly that of a woman, and it brought an echo with it. "Anyone there?" the voice said. "Hello?" It seemed to be coming from the direction of the wave-shaped structure with its ominous red light. "Did you guys hear that?" Will asked. "Could there be more people besides who came from the clearing, or is it another beetle boy situation?">

Daphne quickly folded up the article she’d yet to have read to her (was there still one left or did you do a write up on them all?) and grabbed her bag. “We’ll ‘ave the answer to dem questions before we set off exploring.”

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