The ravine

Will took a few strides uphill, towards Luan, cursing through the thorny shrubs. But instead of addressing him he turned around and tried to get a better view of what lay directly ahead of them. At the bottom of the small rise upon which the copse of trees stood, just beyond the hole where the shack had been, another tangle of plants starts, though from there they seemed less thorny than the shrubs here and less lanky and sickly than the trees behind him. Beyond these, partially obscured by the brush, there seemed to be a gash in the ground. An imposing ravine, stretching out in both directions and directly blocking their path. The edges of the ravine seemed sharp and jagged, but from the roughly half a mile of distance it was hard to make out for sure.

A flash of lightning crawled the low cloud deck a few miles away, followed by a rumble of thunder. The air here was strange, and it seemed to magnify whatever was distant. Will could clearly see a rainstorm coming down from the lightning-curdled clouds... and it seemed to be moving in their direction. "There's some sort of ravine ahead, and there's rain heading our way," he said. "Luna, come with us. Maybe we can all find some shelter down there. I don't wanna catch pneumonia; I think there's gonna be a shortage of penicillin in this place."


Down in the ravine, as Sara's eyes started to adjust to the dimness, she could see the walls weren't sheer everywhere. There seemed to have been some groundslides here and there, and though dangerous, they looked like it was possible to climb out on either side. Moreover, there were cracks in the ravine walls, caves with darkness looming within. Just then, a crack of lightning startled her, but in the enclosed surroundings it was hard to tell which direction it had come from.

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