Up and Out

Sara jumped at the lightning crack. Her eyes darted around as she tried to pinpoint the direction, but to no avail. "Okay, I've gotta get out of here."

She examined the walls, trying to plan a path of travel. The dark caves made her uneasy, not knowing if there may be something lurking within, waiting to attack. "I'm too old to be afraid of the dark," she mumbled as she started climbing, but she did her best to avoid looking at them for too long anyway.

About 10 feet up, the ground beneath her foot crumbled. Sara shrieked as she lost her footing, but grabbed hold of a rock in the wall and managed to balance herself on a sturdier spot before she could fall back down. She clung there for a few minutes, trying to catch her breath. Her legs felt weak, like they were about to give out like the ground just had. Was she afraid of heights? She made the mistake of looking down and gasped. She was definitely afraid of heights. But whatever was up there was definitely better than staying down here, so she took a deep breathe and pushed onward.

Once she'd reached the top, going much slower than before, Sara collapsed on the down in relief. She sent up a silent prayer to whoever might've been watching. Looking around, she spotted a glowing red structure in the distance, but had no idea what it was. Should she head that way, or stay away from it?

Suddenly, Sara thought she heard far away voices but they quieted before she could make out any words. Was she imagining things now? If there were other people, could they help her get out of here? Before she could change her mind, she started walking in the direction she thought they came from. Even if it did turn out to be her imagination, anything was better than staying near that ravine.

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