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Summary: A child of Demeter, connected to the plants around him and bound by his own preconceptions.

Nicholas Thompson

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Gender: Male

Age: 13

Group: Students



Mutation (if applicable)

Chlorokinesis, the ability to manipulate all manner of plant life, both alive and dead at will.



Physical Appearance

4'11, Forest green eyes, chocolate hair, slight athletic build

Personality and interests

Nick is an outspoken and impulsive young boy, who often gets into disagreements with others. He feels his closest and only true friends are the plants around him and often day dreams about what it must be like in the biome around him.


Nick was born to non-mutant parents in rural New York. From the moment he first stepped outside he felt drawn to the natural world. It wasn't until he was seven that he found out why. The plants around him would react to his will, and even grow unnaturally fast. This resulted in bullying at school as the normal kids targeted the 'weird kid' and it wasn't long till his parents found out. Over the last six years, his parents tried to suppress his abilities and guilted him for being a freak. On his thirteenth birthday he was abandoned on the steps of the Xavier institute, to live with the other 'freaks'.

Favourite Sayings

"Plants are people to"
"If you can't love yourself, how can someone else love you?"
"I shall not confront Planet as an enemy, but shall accept its mysteries as gifts to be cherished. Nor shall I crudely seek to peel the layers away like the skin from an onion. Instead I shall gather them together as the tree gathers the breeze. The wind shall blow and I shall bend. The sky shall open and I shall drink my fill. "

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