New kid

“ oh he is adorable, please come on in we will see about get you two settled. How has your day been” she said as she gestured Freya in. She picked up freya’s Bag. “ let me help you” she said with a smile. Once inside they would be in a kart room set up simpler to a living room with couches and some indoor games there were also two sets of stares that entered the room and three hallways on the main floor.

Crystal set Frey’s bag down and moved to a table to retrieve a list. “ looks like you will have your own room for now.” She said putting the papers down and pick up the girls bag again I’ll show you were your room is. You can get settled and look around the school if you like we will do an actual tour later in the day when all the others get her. Dose that sound good to you” Crystal asked with a smile.

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