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Summary: You got the Clicks, I got the Creds.

Sam Bridger

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Gender: Male

Age: 49

Group: Oracle Lowlife

Physical Appearance

Sam has unruly long hair, grey to match his beard. He is overweight and has little care for personal grooming and basic hygiene. When he opens his eyes wide enough to take a good look at the world they are crystal blue with emerald flecks from the AR implants.

Personality and interests

Sam views the world through"Green" tinted glasses. He is never too far from his next joint.

He spends most of his free time watching Tina dance. She's his AR companion of at least fifteen years and he is always looking for new ways for them to enjoy time together.

He also has a cow in the basement... it's a long story. Daisy likes to eat grass.


Sam was born in the south slums and made his living as gang gopher until his uncle died and left him the family business, an adult entertainment store. He used the business as a front to set up a Clicks for Credits business which has been quite lucrative, if sometimes a little dangerous. Recently he has found himself on the OSEC payroll as a small time informant, a role which he has mixed feelings about.


Officially Sam runs an adult entertainment store in the slums. Unofficially he runs clicks for credits, laundering virtual currency for the locals and various criminal elements. He is also a snitch providing OSEC with intel in exchange for their blind eye and a hand full of Credits.

Special Skills

AR software development
Street Smart
AR hardware repair and maintenance
Grows marjauana in the basement - referred to as Green by the locals


Money, survival and the occasional cheap thrill

Supporting Cast

Boris Nicolaev - Store assisstant/security with a talent for code
Diego Rodriguez - Sam's OSEC handler
Tina - Sam's AR girlfriend
Daisy - a real cow... no I mean a "real" cow

Implants and Enhancements

Sevotech AR 4.0 Implant Suit - Audio/visual AR capability with enhanced neural interface
OSEC Credtech Implant with a hacked Clicktech spike for quick currency conversion
Standard Sevotech bone grafts and cellular stabilisation enhancements for atmospheric adaptation

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Image of Sam Bridger
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