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Summary: Pilot for hire, black marketeer, drifter, artist, thief and open source activist.

Laure Tagami-Verdier

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Gender: Currently female

Age: 57 actual, 29 physical

Group: Spacer

Physical Appearance

Rangy and loose limbed, Laure’s current sleeve is a remarkably striking offering from the renowned Circle-A biocollective.
Even in this age of easily achieved off-the-peg beauty, with her high cheekbones, long blonde hair and pale blue eyes, Laure cuts a memorable figure; and unless someone owed her a pretty big favour, it’s likely that she’ll have paid a considerable amount for the body she currently inhabits

Like most spacers, she’s probably bristling with implants and will undoubtedly have all the common enhancements such as biomods, a cortical stack and grid access implants, but beyond these, this sleeve shows no obvious sign of any other upgrades

Personality and interests

Friendly and good humoured, Laure exudes charm and is an approachable and warmly accommodating individual. Face to face, she’s even worse; so much so, that you’d be led to suspect her pheromones had been fine tuned for universal appeal.

The product of a chaotic upbringing aboard the Glass Beach Catastrophe, Laure is a highly individualistic and self-reliant agitator, anarchist and open source activist. She firmly believes that the megacorps are to blame for most of humanities ills and maintains contacts in networks that are actively working against them, with the aim of democratising technology for everyone rather than just the few.

Aside from her involvement in the open source movement, in her youth, Laure was a passable musician and gifted zero-g artist; pastimes she still enjoys when she gets the chance. Some of her work would probably sell for a high price if she’d allow it, but she’ll be damned if she’ll sell out to the corps.


Laure was born and raised aboard the Glass Beach Catastrophe; an ageing refugee barge, appropriated by an anarchist collective around a century ago, which functions as part art collective, part roving black market and carnival of the bizarre, where anyone can buy anything - for a price.

Raised collectively in the group creche, Laure considers herself to have well over a hundred siblings; many of whom she still stays in touch with as part of the extended Catastrophe and anarchist network.

Being part of such a collective has the benefit of Laure being able to obtain virtually anything through her numerous contacts, but it does mean that she occasionally has to go out of her way to repay a favour - Which is why she’s on Mars in the first place...


Pilot for hire, black marketeer, drifter, artist, thief and open source activist.

Special Skills

Black market connections
Extensive network of contacts
Space pilot
Security system circumvention


Individual freedom
Repaying favours
Open source activism

Supporting Cast

A large network of contacts and associates

Implants and Enhancements

Circle-A gene tweaks for better looks, improved immune system, longer life, faster healing
X-Spot x3 - hyper-sensitive nerve bundles to increase pleasure
Tailored pheromones - tweaked for universal appeal
Cognitive enhancement - faster, smarter, better recall

Cyber / Nanoware
Grid Access Implants - AR, VR, grid link
Cortical spike - personality backup
PAware - Turing-grade onboard personal assistant
Medibots - Hyperion grade cellular repair nanobots - mitigates microgravity decalcification and cosmic radiation damage, faster healing, eliminates toxins
Eyes - low light / optical zoom

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Image of Laure Tagami-Verdier
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