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Summary: A young Hiver out to heal the world, make some friends and have crazy adventures. Absolute Mad Lad.

Orlok 'Frankenstein'

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Hiver

Physical Appearance

Orlok stands at 6'3 and tends to have his black hair done in a Pompadour cut and wears shades whenever he can, even while sleeping. He has a strong build and wears a lot of clothing, always preferring to cover his entire body in layers of fabric. Is missing the pinky of his left hand.

Orlok currently has had half of his Pompadour burnt off an runs around being partially scalped like some kind of half normal-person half cancer-patient hybrid. His sunglasses are fucked and only have one lens.

He is now 6'4 because he had a growth spurt.

Personality and interests

Orlok is very friendly and loves to joke around, almost as if he is oblivious to the misery surrounding the Hiver's existence. Many people tend to find his permanently cheery personality off-putting while a few can appreciate the steady flow of jokes and lighthearted banter.

Orlok doesn't respond well to conflict of any kind and isn't fond of making enemies. He firmly believes than everyone can just get along if they stay friendly and polite and so tries to remain that way at all times, tending to become quiet and withdrawn when faced with any aggression or hostilities.

Still, he's a lot smarter than he lets on and has a keen sense for people, always ready to help out his friends if they get in a bind. His silly sense of humor hides a sharp intelligence and wickedly sharp sense for people.

Orlok's sanity is highly variable and he runs the gamut from a psychopathic manchild with a chip on his shoulder, fond of using his enemies' corpses as playthings to a supremely logical person not prone to taking risks.

He's been diagnosed as being afflicted with. Schizophrenia, bipolar, paranoia, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, OCD, being somewhere on the autism spectrum, and a thousand other mental conditions that somehow seem to feed off of one another, appearing and disappearing at random.

Orlok has recently set his sights on unleashing the Age Of The Superhero upon Mars.


Orlok was born in a Hiver labor camp and has never left the subterranean caverns below Oracle. He was apprenticed to his father and studied chemistry, usage of explosives and engineering. When Orlok was thirteen he was caught in the same accidental blast that killed his father and more than a hundred other miners.

Orlok was almost bisected by a piece of a support column and was written off as a 'Premature Casualty', that being Corporate slang for someone who could be saved but wasn't worth the cost.

Still, a month after most of his friends had thought he'd died, Orlok returned to work one day carrying a copy of Frankenstein under his arm and sporting an eerily cheery smile that sent shivers down the Shift manager's skin.

Orlok never talks about the accident or what he's hiding under the heavy, covering clothes or the shades he never takes off. Some who know him note the drastically changed personality and the fact that he seemingly isn't cognizant of his father's death, simply going quiet and walking away whenever it was mentioned.

Those friends that can still be near him have noticed his overwhelming obsession with the human form and the book that never leaves his side. Some of the more mean-spirited miners have taken to calling him 'Frankenstein'.

He got screwed over and picked a fight with Romeo in the Flesh Pits, lost, and was cheated out of the potato Rowan Kreeger owes him. He spent some time licking his wounds in a sewage plant (Not like that you pervert) before resolving to help take down Logos and usher in an age of Awesome unlike ever known.


Blasting Expert
Guardian of the Sewage

Special Skills

Explosives - Years of learning how best to position mining explosives to reduce damage to the tunnels and avoid collapses has also taught Orlok how best to do the opposite and cause as much damage as possible, not that he's ever had cause to think this way.

Chemistry and Engineering- Orlok's dad was a tinkerer with a fondness for making toys and fireworks out of common materials for entertainment and passed a lot of what he knew to his son.

Medicine - Pioneered a way to bring dead bodies back to life, enough said.

Combat Urination - Sometimes wets himself in a fight.


Orlok is generally agreed by most who know him to be completely insane, exhibiting an inability to process any information that brings him pain, causing him to just continue as if he hadn't heard any bad news. At times he is sighted sitting quietly in a corner with a pained expression, indicating that he isn't completely unable to understand circumstances around him.

Orlok firmly believes that the world is the way it is because people refuse to be friendly and polite with one another, leading some to scoff at his simplistic worldview.

Orlok firmly wants to create a world where everyone is happy and content and so always practices impeccable manners and a caring attitude. Rudeness and cruelty seem to quickly bring him into a state of quiet rage, hidden behind his sunglasses.

Orlok has developed a one-sided rivalry with the Alpha known as Romeo and wishes to troll the fuck out of him. He holds a grudge against Rowan Kreeger for subjecting him to mild torture, bruising his ego and not coughing up the potato she owes him and has recently set his sights on fucking with her when possible.

Has decided to usher in the Age of the superhero while playing both sides as both the head of the League Extraordinary Heroes (LEH) and a supervillain.

- Fucking give him back his guns, his pom, his shades and his potato.
- Screw with Romeo a bit in a friendly way.
- Wealth and Power
- Breasts.

Supporting Cast

Foreman Gump - A large, fat man who has never taken a shower in his life and has a face only a mother could love... if she was blind and dumb. Orlok's loud and rude supervisor in the tunnels.

Gene Wilder- The CEO of BastioCorp. He's greedy as all fuck but generally treats his workers right and doesn't engage in too much illegal stuff.

Timothy Ticker - Looking to recruit him.

Zombie Unit One/ Wonder Woman - Servile Zombie Creature/Wonder Woman

Implants and Enhancements

Congenital insensitivity to pain, permanently induced by manually damaging select nerves in his brain.

Fucking Completely Insane, Fucking Completely Immune to being driven Insane.

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