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Summary: Dark eyed hacker

Sirius Vaxis Sentry

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Oracle Lowlife

Physical Appearance

Sirius is a man who looks as though he's not seen the sun since he was a child, hasn't eaten real food for nearly as long, or slept in years. The rumor of such are very much an exaggeration. Well maybe to some degree it is true since most rumors start somewhere. His hair is black and unkempt, his frame skin and bones, his face narrow as his body and is posture is awful. Slouching most of the time but some how still has a slight 'kingly' swagger to his walk. His gaze is hallow and has an air of 'I am above you' to it.

Personality and interests

Hacking, digital theft, junk food, synthwave, and the occasional exotic drug, drink or partner is never off the table. He believes he is smarter then the common man, weather this is true or not it typically leads to trouble. Lucky he as learned to defend himself. Though he still has a personality that isn't cut out for grand socialization. He's the kind of man who would kick a one night stand out into hurricane at night.


Like almost everyone he was a kid once, though he didn't much care for the outside. Unless he saw a neighbor throw away some piece of tech. Which he would promptly steal once the coast was clear. Usually this was used to make his junk rig better but sometimes he'd find blackmail on the old drives. Blackmailing adulterating neighbors to keep quite. Drug purchases, illegal matters, if they were hiding it he found it. This developed into a little business by the time he was a teen, the rich were asking him to find info on their partners, or sometimes to hide things. Romances that weren't best for their image, or just regrets, a few times he covered up bastard children fathered by a big business man. He's not saying who though. A man with a business, love for the night, and everything that happens in it.

(name is said like Cyrus)


Information broker

Special Skills

Slight of hand


Money, and the things he wants to buy with it.

Supporting Cast

To be decided.

Implants and Enhancements

melatonin inhibitors- keep him awake.
neurological process enhancers- speed up his brains functions (doesn't make him smarter just faster)

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Image of Sirius Vaxis Sentry
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