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Summary: Ambition with the smarts to back it, now all I need are the connections

Mathias Skye

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Oracle Lowlife

Physical Appearance

6’0”, 191 lbs with dark red hair and dark hazel eyes. He is slim and lean with pale complexion from too much time spent in the labs.

Personality and interests

Mathias is an even-tempered, cheerful fellow who works hard to provide for his small, indentured, family but also knows how to party just as hard as well. In spite of loving the club scene, he is also responsible and works hard to make the money to eventually purchase his families contract and eventually, one day, their citizenship. Quite honestly the only thing that keeps him motivated or walking down a darker path is the fact he has his family to think about.


Mathias's family had always lived in The Outer Slums, both parents were blue-collar workers their talents wasted on menial tasks as indentured workers for She'Ying Holdings. While talent ran firmly through his family they lack connections or luck to claw there way into a better life.
Mathias was always the crafty and resourceful one even so he still occasionally fell in with some bad elements. As such he spent a chunk of his youth cooking and selling street drugs as well as homemade medications. After eeking a living out working menial low paying dead-end jobs, Mathias used his less than scrupulous connection and got a job as an entry-level scientist for She'Ying Holdings.
In addition to making a decent wage (in the outer slums at least) this also gave him access and clearness to a variety of chemicals to manufacture more high-end designer drug the most profitable and successful being Red Devil.


Entry Level Scientist and Biologist for She'Ying Holdings. Independent drug cook and manufacturer.

Special Skills

Criminal connections
Corporate connections and Access
Extensive knowledge of chemical compound and biological interactions.


Money to free his family from there indentured servitude.
Rise up in the ranks to afford a decent place to live.
Gain citizenship for him and his family.
To generally have a good time.

Supporting Cast

May (8), Lea (6), Connor (5) - Adoptive kids

Implants and Enhancements

Standard Sevotech bone grafts and cellular stabilization enhancements for atmospheric adaptation

She'Ying AR Implant, specialized fore chemistry and microbiology as with magnification features

She'Ying compound manipulator gloves. Gloves loaded with nanites that allow the user can manipulate, break down and rebuild matter and chemicals to interact without using heat or volatile suspension compounds.

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Image of Mathias Skye
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