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Summary: Currently a college student

Newo Chapel

Gender: Trans-Woman

Age: 19

Group: Oracle Citizen

Physical Appearance

Tall with long legs, skinny but lacks the curves. Long red hair and green eyes. Wears red glasses that hang on a chain. Very slightly puffy lips.

Personality and interests

Slightly nervous and timid, goes out of her way to just stick out of the lime light so long as they are they way they are now. Though she usually tries to hid it under the attitude of not caring.


As a child she didn't fit in. Hiding aspects about herself. Changing little bits at a time. First growing her hair claiming they just liked it long. But one day went all out, wearing make-up and a girls uniform to school. She did get beat up, but didn't go back to wearing the boys uniform.


Part-time at a "50's Inspired" diner. (that looks more like a drunk person describing a TGI Friday's that's never seen one)

Special Skills

Decent at fashion


Hoping to gain the confidence and changes she wants.

Supporting Cast

Dukes, 'Big' Mac (the Cook), and Lisa (her boss)

Implants and Enhancements

currently no implants or enhancements other than basic survival mods for Mars.

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Image of Newo Chapel
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