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Summary: He will buy and sell anything.

Lawrence Chakel

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Oracle Lowlife

Physical Appearance

Stands 5'7"
174 lbs
Usually dressed well, has evident signs of drug use. (Baggy eyes, nervous twitch, and is constantly paranoid.)
Body is very lean, muscled and covered in tattoos.
Left arm has a high end chemical injector, the last "gift" from his family.

Personality and interests

When he has his chemicals, acts very rationally. Can be intellectual and persuasive, although he suffers nervous twitches and control issues.
If he fails or decides not to use, the withdrawals affect his mind. He becomes increasingly violent and depraved.
When rational, he prefers to handle situations from a distance, a hollow attempt to appear above those around him.


Born to a family that directed a research laboratory, Lawrence lived a live of luxury among the Sevo Group in Oracle.
Instead of maintaining a dignified appearance however, he chose to use his money on drugs and the underground.
Shaming his family, he was cut off and exiled, forcing him to change his last name.
Relocating to Downtown, he has a few underground dens where he crafts drugs to sell. Without his supply of money though, it has been tough for him to gain a following. He has taken the moniker "Mr.Chuckles" because of others ridiculing him and misunderstanding his new name.


Gang lord(Someday)

Special Skills

Has a grasp of business from his younger years.
Is decent in a fight.


Wants to prove his family wrong, that he can make it on his own.
Money and drugs.

Supporting Cast

His body guard

Implants and Enhancements

Left arm has a high-end medication injector. The machinery is largely hidden behind skin, the only piece revealed is a medium oval piece where his medication or drugs can be inserted. It will then inject the chemicals into his blood.

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Image of Lawrence Chakel
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