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Summary: OSEC - we're here to help

Piper ("Sandpiper" Novak)

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Oracle Citizen

Physical Appearance

Slim to Athletic, 5’7 with long straight platinum/silver hair and piercing blue eyes. Piper is human, with no enhancements or augmentations. She prefers wearing dark colors to help blend in.

Personality and interests

Note: Piper is bonded with Romeo 457, “Frosty”
Piper is adventurous, outgoing, often looked to as a confidant. Inside the Spire, she still runs/trains on a daily basis alongside her Alpha. As a bonded Neophyte, she was trained by OSEC and can defend or attack as necessary. She has a strong will and is not generally swayed from any course she’s set her mind to. Outside the Spire, she will use any excuse necessary to project herself into tech, finding the experience almost addicting.


Piper had spent her life in the Spire until being bonded with her Alpha, six years ago. The Spire was in almost all ways sheltered, and while some Neos are content to live their entire life within the safety and comfort of its walls, sequestered and shielded from all technology, Piper was determined to be one of the few bonded pairs, which involved extensive physical and mental training. Piper’s upbringing also leads her to put all her faith in Oracle.

There is a strong divide between bonded pairs and those complacent to live at the Spire. Competition for Alphas is fierce. Piper began working with Romeo, who she instantly felt connected to. They would be bonded a year later.

Being bonded affords her the opportunity to be out, about and stretch her wings. Like all Neos, she can control any tech, becoming one with the machine, and finds a thrill in doing so. Luckily she can depend on Romeo to keep her grounded should she find herself getting too lost in AR or in what she calls “technomancing.” Together they hunt down misguided neophytes, and they also mentor fledgling Neo/Alpha bonds.


Hunter - she and her counterpart seek out rogue/fledgling neophytes

Special Skills

Technomancer. Inside the Spire, Piper had a strong resolve and found her powers of persuasion though useful, were best curtailed in relation to the hive minded. She calls the ability “pushing” and will use it only when necessary.


Support of Oracle, all things connected to her bonded partner Romeo, and a strong desire to ‘see the world'

Supporting Cast

Dove/Foxtrot (Neo/Alpha bonded pair)
Wren/Lima (Neo/Alpha bonded pair)
Tragedy (Alpha Pup)
Possibly other neos

Implants and Enhancements

No Implants or Enhancements. Human Neophyte

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