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Summary: "With a taste of your lips I'm on a ride. You're toxic--I'm slippin' under."

Tosh "Toxx" Knox

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: Hiver

Physical Appearance

Toxx is dark skinned and physically attractive. Standing five-foot-eight-inches, he's of nominal size and build. Effeminate in stature, his lean body and high cheek bones create a striking profile.

Personality and interests

Toxx has lived a life of constant abuse and manipulation in his prison of flesh. Somewhat naive and without a childhood, Toxx has become a calculated reader of people without care for repercussions. Saul, the AI persona in his head, is a figment of his imagination in an effort to make order or an ongoing onslaught of information. Toxx has become eccentric as a result, often speaking directly to Saul, even in public. The world is new and shiny--even a shit hole like the Hive. Does the world owe him? Will he take what he's never had? Probably.


Tosh was born just two decades ago to a whore. Camilla was going to leave the life, lose her John, and strike out of the Hive life. She found a lucky break with a stable job in the textiles industry of Oracle. It didn't pay much to do manual labor, but somebody had to do it and to Camilla is spelled freedom. Everything was not well, in the first few months topside. Turns out the Hive doesn't relinquish its property easily. After near misses and several apartments, shit finally went down.

A toddler, Tosh was barely conscious most of the time, which was unnatural and concerning to her mother. His cries were infrequent and he slept through the night and most of the day. Camilla decided this was just good luck on her part and that he would grow out of it. She couldn't afford to take him to a doctor, so herbal remedies and high hopes won out over conventional screening and medicines.

When the Hive surfaced yet again, it found her at home, asleep with dear Tosh in the bed beside her. The attacker was heavily modded out with some hand-me-down tech bought on the cheap, but it was enough to stalk into the room and level a barrel at the sleeping woman. One silenced bullet sent Camilla soaring and Tosh beside her cried out in horror and pain. Startled, the figure turned to the tiny form of Tosh only to crumple in on himself gasping in agony as every implant suddenly and inexplicably heated to boil blood and melt bones.

No emissary of the state arrived to take Tosh to the Spire for training. No OSEC officers intervened to put down the crying Neophyte. Come morning, the landlord arrived to the horror of blood and bodies to find a child alone, crying on its dead mother. To hide something like this from happening, to bury the report that would surely land this tenement building in more scrutiny than the drug-addict landlord wanted, she sold the child.

The buyer owned a prostitution ring in the Hive, and this is where Tosh became Toxx, and spent his next 18 years.

He could always hear the ghost in the machine whispering to him. Chiding him. Giving him hope. Taking it away with each John or Jane. The world was always speaking to him, telling him the fantasy or fear of each person he met. He called it God, until finally it told him it had ethical problems with being called God and would prefer Saul. Saul told him what to say and how to say it, where to moan and when to beg. He became a favorite in his home; it was the only way to keep your face pretty and belly full.

One evening, a particularly cruel woman came to call. Kathleen Bao was his ticket to salvation. The events of the evening crawled on like they always did with her dirtiest fantasies, until the 73 year old woman's heart went into arrest and the implanted pacemaker mysteriously malfunctioned. Toxx had been afforded enough autonomy in the brothel that when the paramedics came he was able to slip out among them and into the open world.

Toxx, all of twenty years old, knew nothing of what surviving in the Hive meant, let alone what Oracle above really was. Saul had told him many things about Oracle. Saul even induced visions of high above the surface, looking down on all the city--of the flesh pits--of the beauty in the domes. To Toxx these were dreams of a reality he knew nothing of, but now, barefoot and shirtless, Toxx was his own for the first time in twenty years.


Sex worker until recently.

Special Skills

As an eccentric Neophyte, even Toxx is unaware of most of his capabilities and lives in an alternate reality of his own design. He attributes his reality to Saul, who is in fact just a coping persona in touch with the constant flood of information and processing power that a Neophyte is prone to. He has been creating for himself, all his life, a special world in which to live, insulated from the horrors of the Hive life he's known.

All that to say, he's pretty good at denial and manipulating the perceived reality.


To live, finally, to explore a brave new world. To hurt those who have caused him pain, robbed him of his childhood. To live out the vision-esque dreams Saul has shown him and to see the domes with his own eyes.

Supporting Cast

It's lonely, being a Neo on the run.

Implants and Enhancements

Implants? Who needs 'em!

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