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Summary: The last domino falls - but no one saw the first one go.

Talira Rane - Agent Nikon

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Group: Oracle Citizen

Physical Appearance

4'10” (1,47m) 98 lbs (44kg) with a wiry frame
Short auburn bob cut hairstyle
Wears a well-designed DATS bodysuit that attempts to mitigate impact damage. The Defensive Automated Transference Skin is constructed of a lightweight Zylor fiber weave with integrated synthetic nan­otubes that self-regulate their structural organization. This channels kinetic energy away from the point of impact to be discharged as heat (when it’s functioning properly.)

Personality and interests

She’s been in an out of the Veritas facility throughout her life; initially as a young child when undergoing a highly focused educational program and tests disguised as games, but whose purpose were to measure her potential as a future asset. As such many of the individuals within her division of Veritas maintain an affable civility that blends her childhood to her young adulthood. She’s essentially been subjected to propaganda her entire life and cannot see it for what it is.

Like the waivers required by those working the OSEC branch, Veritas’ private security operatives also signed away many of their rights. Talira has been the recipient of numerous biological and cybernetic alterations along with a substantial rework to her genetic material to make those alterations more compatible. To present she has shown no resentment to these augmentations, but she has no legal option to have them removed or brought offline even should umbrage emerge.

Talira has been assigned a domicile unit within the Veritas Core facility itself. It’s small, sterile and quiet which sits well by her. She receives routine visits from various specialists to ascertain her medical and cybernetic health, mental acuity and cognitive recall, and to issue new directives. She also maintains a standing appointment with a company masseuse whose ancillary purpose is to provide her with affection and amorous familiarity if she so requires. Otherwise she’s restricted from leaving the center. There are other units like hers, but their occupants are not permitted to fraternize.

When you are employed by the Veritas Corporation, rank and structure are explained only as far as they concern you. She doesn’t know where her rank falls within the organization, but she has some level of authority among those she interacts with as she is able to allocate resources and surveillance and is addressed with a modicum of respect. Does this mean she has any real clout or is she humored to maintain a larger vision or purpose? When she is in the field her activities and location are monitored though not necessarily hampered. As she has no life or discernable passions outside of her work, she has not dealt with any conflict of interest, but she’d expect them to be handled swiftly and quietly by the Corp.


Her father worked for OSEC providing public security; he didn’t pull in great credits, but Talira had a comfortable life. Their needs were met, their apartment was better than most and an early education was provided to Talira even though it was not a standard benefit of service. When her father died in the line of duty, Veritas Corp transferred the remaining debt, which was substantial, to his widow. Talira was too young to understand or question why Veritas owned the debt to begin with. Her mother was decent with mechanical devices, but had settled more and more for the odd job repairing full-dimensionality printers or robotic armatures. She did what she could to work down the debt, but it was already an unmanageable figure. When Talira’s mother died two years later under obscure circumstances, the collective and compounded debt of mother and father was quickly leveraged against Talira along with the cost of citizenship which was no longer covered by the service of her deceased parents.

As a counterpart to the Corp’s aggressive tactics, there was a more congenial approach taken by a Division within Veritas whose recruitment of Talira was comparatively gentle and mindful to her recent loss. She wasted no time and accepted the offer along with all of the strings attached, even those she didn’t yet understand. She was fifteen. A lawyer had gone over the deal, but it really didn't take a lawyer to know what it meant - Veritas owned Talira. Within five minutes of signing her services over to the Corp they had her prepped for surgery and her first series of augmentations. She’d never been so terrified in her life.

Over the years she came to realize that the charade of citizenship was a cruel joke. She knew what kind of power the Corporations wielded, she knew how ineffective it was for anyone to vote outside of or speak against the consortium. She was often called upon to show those people just how ineffective it was. Her training continued alongside her field experience and any ties to her old life were quickly eroded. She remained isolated from the people and the grime of Oracle city whenever duty allowed.


Security Agent for Veritas Corp - primarily focused on Espionage

Special Skills

Talira is a Mnemonist, an individual with Eidetic Memory recall that encompasses unusually long lists of data such as unfamiliar names, lists of numbers, entries in books, etc. She can remember anything she has seen or heard, but not necessarily on an indefinite time scale.

Hypermobility Syndrome (often referred to inaccurately as double-jointedness) - She has an extreme flexibility that borders on contortion and uses it to her advantage in grapples, dodging, escape attempts and any physical activity that requires squeezing into a small box or pulling her body through a toilet seat lid. It happens.

Combat Sense - She knows where to strike opponents in unarmed or melee combat to inflict the most damage. She received an unsanctioned course by a retired OSEC Academy instructor focusing on her defensive fighting style; duck, dodge and deflect.


Talira suspects her parents were murdered under orders of Veritas, but she’s not at liberty to investigate the case for fear of reprisal. And as time goes by it seems less important.

Promoting Veritas’ agenda as it’s disclosed to her. The Corporation likely withholds from their field agents the true nature of their plans.

Survival / Debt Repayment - She has a dangerous occupation, works for dangerous people and earns heavy credits for her efforts. The cost of her domicile is reasonable, mandatory and constantly added to her principal debt. She knows she can never hope to earn the credits required to wipe her ledger, especially when she continues to rack up additional expenses, but for the moment Veritas Corp is content to keep her services on the books. Perhaps they'd paid so much in they wanted to see more return. Perhaps they had special plans for her. Perhaps she was entirely expendable. If that was the case, the joke’s on them as she has no next of kin to take on her debt.

Supporting Cast

Doctor Elsy Wescott

To be determined and developed as needed

Implants and Enhancements

OSEC Credtech Implant

Advanced Sevotech bone grafts and cellular stabilization enhancements for atmospheric adaptation

She has a cybernetic augment that allows her to plug into networks and occasionally individuals to inflict viruses, upload or retrieve data. She is not a skilled coder, but anyone can jack into The Grid with the proper training. (think executable thumbdrive, not hacker.)

Enhanced Sevotech AR 5.0 Implant Suite - Neural interface with Ocular, Aural & Somesthetic components - transmit / receive capabilities - prone to interference from jammers.

Her natural flexibility has been augmented through a series of medical procedures aimed at the surgical reduction of bone end socket depth and the wide scale replacement of natural ligaments with pliable synthetic shape-memory polymers tied into her neural interface.

Mnemonic sheaf at the base of her skull (internal) that routinely taps into her short term memories and uploads them to handlers within the Veritas Core.

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