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Summary: If you have the Clicks and my man's permission, we can PLUR each other til the sun comes up!

Lexi Skye

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Oracle Lowlife

Physical Appearance

You’d be a liar calling any of the Skye Clan ugly, but Lexi is particularly fond of suggesting to her brother and sister that she’s the best looking of the lot. She’s also the most likely to use allure and charisma to her own advantage. She’s 5’6” 114 lbs with naturally ginger hair which has been interchanged with a synthetic variant. She’s spent time working adult entertainment venues and most recently has eagerly returned to the rave scene which means she gets to dress up in all kinds of barely-there, neon, trippy light-up attention-getting outfits.

Personality and interests

Lexi is free spirited, energetic, and possessed of a zest for life that few others can keep up with. She lives and loves in the moment; her heart wired to spread love and uplifting energy into the universe. While that’s all true, you wouldn’t be wrong to accuse Lexi of being far too intrepid with her sexuality and exposing herself to umpteen pharmaceutical perils.

She's currently in a 'long-term' relationship with a married man who she's desperately in love with - completely, hopelessly and desperately in love with. Completely - because she's young and naive and attracted to a pretty man who buys her pretty things and makes a pretty promise. Hopelessly - because being a kept teenage stripper sidepiece from the Slums has no hope of ending well for her. And desperately - because she has no clue what else to do or to whom she can turn for help or advice. He has her head so messed up with drugs and lies that she actually believes him when he tears her down with his smooth-tongue. Despite it all, when he pings her gridware, she drops everything and goes to him. Sometimes when the heart is involved it's easy to be strung along.

So her lifelong struggles with low self worth and dependence on the affections of men are exasperated by the chains of addiction to more than one variant of narcotic which makes her rebound to the rave scene and her family home a mixed bag of goodies.


Lexi is her name, plain as that. It isn’t short for Alexis or Alexandria - just Lexi. So yeah, she had a stripper name since birth which made it so much easier to recollect and answer to these days when she actually was dancing on the Red Light Green Light stage; high out of her mind on god knows what while dirty old men hollered, squawked, groped and gawked. It would be all too simple blaming her indentured slum-locked parents for putting her in line toward that calamity, but the truth is, Lexi had always been a self destructive individual.

Youngest sister to twins Mathias and Cyd Skye, Lexi took a liking to attention and masculine acknowledgments far too early in life. She didn’t spend nearly enough time with her basic education and followed in her sister’s footsteps from years before - Lexi got out of dodge as soon as she could, running away from home in her early teens.

Crashing on couches and in spare closets was fine for a while, but no one wants to house and feed a pubescent girl for long; not without expecting some sort of return on their investment. She began hooking up with any guy who promised her a better life. She didn’t really screen them or question them, just took them at their word that they had the means to deliver on those promises. Many of them did not. Lexi hated the slums and would do just about anything to be supported and rescued from such a forlorn future. She bounced around frequently and fell into bad ways with drugs, booze and petty crime.

So when she met a well-off man who confessed his absolute devotion to her happiness, she believed him and gave to him her heart without reserve. He put her up in a nice apartment and confided with her - he was trapped within the clutches of a loveless marriage and wanted only to rush towards the day when he and Lexi could be married to one another instead. She felt so much merciful pity and devotion for this altruistic man who deserved to be loved the way he loved her, but how could she, an inadequate and uneducated slummer, ever compete with his cruel, heartless citizen wife? Her magnificent man solved that problem as well - he bought her cosmetic implants and nice things and took her places she’d never been. For days at a time they lived in happiness together and they were in love. He called her his little Wifey and promised her she need only wait a while longer. But their weekends together became farther apart and visits with the adulterating sugar daddy man of her dreams became less frequent.

It was not long before strange men began knocking on her door, looking for her man and money they claimed he’d promised them. Then within days everything was squared away and things went back to normal, for a while. He began asking how much she loved him and how could he believe her unless she proved it? She promised she did and asked what it was he’d have her do to prove it. She thought he was proposing in his own weird way.

He was not. He secured her a job as a stripper at the Red Light Green Light Lounge and assured her it was only temporary; that one of his towering business deals hinged on her doing this favor for his colleague. She actually thought she was doing a favor for someone else, but certainly not for this man that she loved - because he would never ask that of her himself. She was so naive; so stupid. She was also encouraged to keep whatever money she made, but still she didn’t view it as a job. She didn’t need a job, she had a rich almost-fiance who provided for her. He became more controlling and insisted on the surgical install of her latest implant - an STD safeguard and contraceptive piece of gridware. Honestly, she probably needed something like this years ago, but the timing just felt wrong and it felt far more invasive than the others. She became more and more his 'kept' woman; a side piece with cosmetic enhancements he’d insisted upon which he routinely used as leverage against her.

She wanted a rich man to take care of her. But now she was almost exclusively taking care of herself. He no longer supported her to the extent that he had in the beginning and she found herself struggling to pay bills. Not just in coming up with the money to pay them, but even understanding the concept of being responsible enough to keep records of anything, to know what she’d spent on what and when. She was woefully unprepared to handle adult duties. She was working full shifts at the Lounge and she was beginning to catch the eye of other men. She’d never outright fucked for Clicks, but she didn’t know how else to keep the apartment. She gave the green light to one particular man backstage and they both found out, with a literal shock, that Lexi’s IU Drawbridge also had a chastity core. Her you-know-where and the John’s you-know-what were numb and tingly in all the wrong ways. She couldn’t control her bladder for days and people were shouting all kinds of harsh phrases at her. Phrases like, ‘Back rent’ and ‘eviction’ and 'turn down the music' and worse. She would be making no love, no money and no rent.

Lexi couldn't pay the bills out there in the nicer world and hadn’t heard from the love of her life in over a month. She was feeling utterly abandoned and Oracle came crashing down on top of her. Not for the first time, she ran back home to mom and dad, relying on the love and support of family, which they always gave her. Her desire to raise her social status and gain citizenship had her always looking for the toe room to get her foot back into the better life, leading her to make shitty choices and leaves her with incredibly poor self esteem.

And that’s pretty much where things stand with Lexi. Let’s tune and watch the train wreck that is her life.


Ex(ish)-stripper; current Rave Bunny - which basically means she parties hard every night. She is responsible for getting the word out each night as to where that night's underground rave will be held, bringing in the club goers and making sure everyone else knows where the beats are going down and having a good time.

Special Skills

She can be a real vixen when she wants to be; usually when a wealthy middle-aged man has a few extra credits to spend. She loves to dance and probably could have done well with that had she been from a family with access to more opportunities. Her sibling's signature move is the Skye Squad Shuffle. It's amazing and choreographed. She can dance for hours and party all night on zero sleep. Aside from that she has no directly marketable skills - well there is always the Red Light Green Light Lounge.


All my shit fits in a bag,
Neon pink Rave Bunny Swag.
Drop the Slums, stay gone forever,
Pop those pills - day, night, whenever

Stay soarin’ high, don’t get low
Find a man to make it so.
Raise me up and make me Regal
Don’t even have to make it legal.

Supporting Cast

As yet unnamed married man

Implants and Enhancements

*Beyond the baseline bone grafts or cellular adaptation treatments that everyone gets, her implants have been paid for by her sugar daddy and installed largely at his insistence which explains the central motif.

+Standard Credtech Implant
+Standard bone grafts and cellular stabilisation for atmospheric adaptation

+AR/VR Gridware linked to two tiny drones equipped with holo emitters - housed inconspicuously within the brightly colored plastic pony beads of her Kandi or hair accessories.

+IU Drawbridge (IUD) - Contraceptive implant with STD prevention and Grid accessible ‘chastity’ setting

+Ocular Refinement Band (ORB) - Radiant threads interlaced with her natural irises - tied into a Live Transmit feature that she doesn't have access to.

+Follicle Vitalizing Coloration Kit (FVCK) - Synthetic hair replacement capable of altering color, style and length - green, pink, yellow, blue

+Bosom Opulence Overhaul Brace (BOOB) - A hot swappable pair of artificial glands protruding from the front of the ... okay we all know what it is.

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