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Image of Ming Han Li

Summary: Beauty exists in mind and in the heart, the rest is subjective at best ...

Ming Han Li

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Gender: Fe/Male

Age: 19+

Group: Oracle Citizen

Physical Appearance

Appearance wise Ming is a living doll with Long Dark Hair and Dark Eyes and legs that wont stop.

She has a flare for Choice clothing and at least in public always wears a smile even when she's pissed.

Personality and interests

Intelligent, Gifted, and Amazingly talented when it comes to the technical and artistic side of grid design and architecture.

The problem is that Ming lacks for both motivation and direction beyond the need for self expression itself.

A born cheerleader, Ming makes it her mission in life to do for others what she cant do for herself. To motivate others to achieve their goals on their own or lacking in motivational tools s/he will settled for dragging people kicking and screaming along lifes path to self discovery.




Technically Ming is still a student attending University. The problem there is Ming Graduated from the University with a degree in Grid Architecture and Software Design when s/he was 16, A degree in Fashion and Entertainment Media at 17, and a degree in Electronic Engineering at 18. Currently Ming is pursuing a degree in Art History...

Ming in her spare time runs a simulated erotic entertainment site on the Grid called the "Ming Playroom" The credits generated there more often than not used to further Ming's girlfriends hobby of street racing.

Special Skills

Ming's mastery over the grid in terms of Architecture and design is well know in certain circles but she is not really known as a hacker. Ming has also made a name for in Photography and Fashion design and has a number of customers whom employ her services via "Ming's Playroom'


Beyond bought's of creative energy Ming is by all accounts painfully lacking in motivation's of her own.

That said her girlfriend Athena/Twix has motivations enough for both of them and as much as Ming hates the idea of her girl racing the energy she puts into her passion is intoxicating.

Supporting Cast

(Father) Edmond Li
(Mother) Hyuna Jun Li

(Uncle) Donald Li a.k.a. Edger

(Aunt) ????

Implants and Enhancements

Corps Link
Jack Link
Skill Wire (Class 1)
Edger Tool Suite
Cerebral Computer (Class 1)
Bio Monitor
Taser hand

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