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Summary: Stop steering and just drive, how else can you change the stars?

Axel "Speed" Acer

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Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Oracle Lowlife

Physical Appearance

5'11" 180lbs. A mess of brown hair often mixed with various engine oils and lubricants. He has a lean but strong build from work in the garage and as a pit crew member hauling equipment. Bits of scruff cover his chin and are accompanied with various scars, scrapes, and messes.

Personality and interests

Is fairly easygoing in conversation but a thrill-seeker to the core. Willing to take risks as a life not pushing yourself to be better than you were before is one not worth living, in his eyes at least. Loves to crack a joke around his friends and rarely gets serious for anything beyond races and work. If he sits still for too long he becomes quite anxious and needs to busy himself with something. His life's obsession will always be racing and going fast. He loves everything about racing, bikes, cars, and engines. In regards to drugs and other stimulants he never likes to mess with his head before races


Born to two lowlife mechanics, Axel's life has always been filled with the smell of accelerant and fuel. His parents both worked as contractors and thus would bring in all types of engines from simple fan motors to more advanced transportation power systems. While this meant that they rarely had their hands free, it never seemed to bring in much money, with the family's love and need to work meaning that they'd put in incredibly competitive bids.

They had actually grown a bit of a reputation among the racing community as the people to go to if you needed a repair or improvement at a cheap price and off the books. Axel quickly grew to idolize the racers and their amazing vehicles. While his parents worked and he did what little work he could as a child, he would ask ask countless questions to the racers about their events. Usually this had him quickly dismissed or called back to his parent's side but occasionally he could learn snippets of the course and the feuds between racers. Days like those fueled the makeshift races he would do with the neighborhood kids, and when everyone was sick of racing, it fueled his own fantasies as he spun around his neighborhood at entirely too dangerous of speeds.

When he was 14 his parents took a gig up on a space freighter, some large job that seemed entirely too good to be true. They were confidant that their son could handle himself at this point, and the locals around the shop were kind enough for the slums. The job should have taken 2 years at's been 8. Axel certainly wonders where they might have gone in that time, but also believes that they're probably just up there looking down on him while they, "Crank another few knots into the stars".

In the meantime Axel has done what he can to keep the shop going. The Skye family made sure he was eating well and his skills as a mechanic and a driver helped with some of the 'family business'. He also signed on to a pit crew in the low level Oracle racing circuits when the regular clientele began to dry up. This not only has allowed him to keep the lights on at the shop, but kept him close to what he loved so dearly while building a few connections. While professionally speaking the vehicles he works on are in as good conditions as they can be, he'd be lying if he said that they had never disappeared from the garage a bit early for 'test drives'.


Pit-crew in Oracle Speedway racing. Proper teams are not interested in working for the low-skill and poor attitude racers at this level, as most are just rich snobs looking to get some excitement in their lives. As a non-citizen team, Axel and others are brought up to the tracks and given a few hours before the race to work on their assigned vehicles. They typically are allotted contracts with specific racers; Axel's current contract is held by Cyrus Ector, a particularly asshole-ish asshole who believes he's going to be the best thing in racing since engines.

Special Skills

Talented mechanic who has worked with nearly every kind of engine and part. Has learned to improvise with what he has when making repairs and construction. Shows promise as a racer without the need for any mods or stims, claims to 'feel it out' and seems to enjoy the thrill of uncertainty, thought this certainly places him at a disadvantage compared to better equipped racers.


Wants to become the greatest racer and build a life for himself and those that helped him by becoming a successful champion.

Supporting Cast

Pops: Head of the rental pit-crew that Axel works for, a hard headed but kind man who has taken on a father-like roll for most of his crew. Larger but heavy-set build, and a thick mustache sits neatly at the top of his lips

Watt: A wirey-haired electrician on the pit crew and a good friend of Axel. Has a bit of a drug problem, but hopes that these pit-crew gigs can help him get clean (and Pops usually watches out for him.)

Implants and Enhancements

Standard Sevotech bone grafts and cellular stabilization enhancements for atmospheric adaptation

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Image of Axel
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