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Summary: A strong, imposing woman, a leading scientist at She'Yin.

Lucia Trandilli

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Gender: Female

Age: 46

Group: Oracle Citizen

Physical Appearance

A caucasian woman of Mediterranean descent, Lucia (pronounced Loo-chee-ya) stands nearly 6 feet tall, with dark eyes and a pale olive complexion. A closer look into her eyes reveals ringed implants, most visible in the irises. Her dark hair, usually done up in a bun, is streaked with white, and she has crow’s feet around her eyes. When it comes to attire, she prefers comfort over style, usually wearing simple blouses and stretchy jeans or yoga pants over light sneakers. She is very fit, especially for her age; her shoulders broad, her waist slim, and an impressive set of abs, though not many of her colleagues ever get to see it.

Personality and interests

Contrary to her Italian heritage, Lucia is a rather reserved person by nature. She doesn’t easily open up about her personal life and feelings, though she’s always prepared to listen to others. She abhors gossip and prefers her conversations to be with more depth and meaning. This doesn’t mean she is humorless, though people who don’t know her well might think so.

She is a strong believer in spiritual balance, being true to what you want, working hard to achieve that goal, and she is a proponent of austerity. She doesn’t think much of implants for aesthetics or frivolity, and regards wealth, material possession and hedonism as distractions.

In her worldview, people owe it to themselves to be the best they can be in the method they most enjoy, and to use technology to enhance and focus their bodies towards their desired goals. She has built her life around three central pillars: meditation to focus the mind and spirit, exercise (in her own case, bouldering and other free-climbing forms) to hone the body, and her research to extend the limits of how technology can help us reach our goals.

Since few people are so focused on self-improvement as a primary form of happiness, she has found it more difficult to relate to people around her, and her social life is rather minimal. The few attempts at romantic relationships across the years failed quickly, as her intensity tended to throw potential suitors off. Lately, as middle age began to loom, she has begun feeling lonely, and she got a cat to compensate, naming her Soffice, “fluffy” in Italian.


Lucia is the child of Ricardo, owner of a few Italian restaurants in downtown Oracle, and Chiara Trandilli, née Ricci, who worked there as a chef. She was raised in a loving family, but she did not get to spend a lot of time with her parents as a child; they were both often very occupied with their businesses. Lucia showed an aptitude for technology early on, and her parents gave her their full support through college. She joined Sevo as a junior researcher at the age of 22 and quickly worked her way up due to her focus and work ethic.

Seeing her parents work themselves to the bone and receiving little reward but material gain and a lot of stress changed Lucia’s worldview. Though she was paid well as she climbed the ranks, she didn’t get happiness from watching her bank account grow, nor from investing in what she would come to call ‘flufftech’. At the same time, she came to recognize she was perpetuating this focus on superficiality through her work at Sevo, who developed a great amount of gadgets that didn’t truly better people, or worse, made them lazy and unwilling to improve themselves, relying on technology to do it for them.

When her father died of a heart attack when she was 27, it was the kick she needed to throw her life around. She quit her job at Sevo and joined She’Yin, a company she felt aligned more with her philosophy. She’Yin saw the value in organic betterment, whereas Sevo seemed to regard the organic as an obstacle to be circumvented or removed. She moved to a smaller apartment and got rid of a large part of her belongings, keeping only what she needed, and began to devote herself to her work, determined to become the best version of herself she could be.

And so she became. She has once again climbed the ladder to become one of the leading scientists at She’Yin, her investment in bouldering and urban free-climbing have made her a powerful and limber Amazon, and she is at peace with herself, apart from the social isolation she has felt increasing over the years...


A high-ranking scientist in She’Yin’s organic tech division.

Special Skills

Merging organics and technology
Extreme precision in her work
Climbing, specifically bouldering



Supporting Cast

More like Supporting Cat: Lucia has a feline companion, a young ragdoll named Soffice.

Implants and Enhancements

Bionically enhanced eyes that allow 12x zoom unaided, suppress microsaccades and include a flashlight function.
Enhanced fine motor control and tremor suppressants in arms and hands
Standard atmospheric compensators and Grid ID implants

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Image of Lucia Trandilli
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