Image of Courier, You, Her, She -- (She never gives a name)

Summary: Is it drugs? Does it have a tag? Where do you want it delivered?

Courier, You, Her, She -- (She never gives a name)

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Oracle Lowlife

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs, athletic
Hair: Red, slightly wavy, just beyond shoulder length
Eyes: Amber-brown hazel
Complexion: Fair.

Personality and interests

Courier is reserved, mostly keeping to herself. She does not have friends, more like associates. She would not be called friendly, detached would be a more accurate adjective. Courier can be friendly, and sarcastic.

Being from sector 61, the north-west slums, Courier definitely has a chip on her shoulder about the establishment.

Courier's interest is survival. She has no ambitions beyond her current condition. Some day, she'll be the middle-man, the fence, the shell. But that is someday. Today, she is a courier.


Like so many in Oracle's slums, Courier was born undocumented. Her mother passed when she was eight; her father father when she was eleven. Her neighborhood took care of her as best they could, but it was not without hardships--hardships that became harder when she started to develop into an attractive young woman with attractive assets.

Even in the slums, people are busy, even if it just avoiding having to work. A kid with nowhere to be made it easy to stay busy when something had to move from one place to another. She was happy to help. It gave her something to do. And, people showed their gratitude. This was the beginning of her career.


Courier is well . . . a courier. She transports mostly small packages, sometime larger packages, but she prefers small packages as her normal mode of transportation is a motorcycle.

She only has two rules: 1) No drugs. 2) No tags.
In return, no questions asked.

Special Skills

Courier is an excellent driver, especially on her custom made motorcycle with a great knowledge of the streets, back alleys, and escape routes.

She is a decent fighter, using skills she picked up on the streets, and she doesn't fight fair.

Courier is also decent with firearms, though she prefers not to use them. Mostly, they are a deterrent.

Courier has been developing her proficiency with Parkour since she started as a kid. She loves to run and be active, so it fit naturally into her daily routine.


Courier does not really have any ambitions. She simply wants to exist, make enough money to enjoy her life, as it is. The slums are her home. Always have been. Always will be.

Courier is aware that she will one day be too old for her profession and anticipates that one day she will have to transition into a middleman or a fence.

Supporting Cast

None at the moment.

Implants and Enhancements

Courier does not have any implants. She likes staying off the radar. She believes that since those in power have forgotten about the people in the slums, she will appease them and give them one less person to worry with.

Likewise, she tries not to use anything that can be tracked. Her bike is off-grid. So are the weapons she uses. If this makes her slower, so be it, but that's where knowledge of the streets and skill come in.

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