OOC - Oracle Maps

NOTE: This post is dedicated to maps of Oracle and related areas. It will be linked to the initial game information pages for easy reference and will be edited as the game progresses so do keep checking back for changes and improvements. A big thanks to Dz for the help marking out the zones and fleshing out some of the locations.

MAP 1 : Oracle Districts

NOTE: This map is designed to outline the city districts, expanding on the initial map in the game information page. You will notice I have added the Core district as a seperate area now, encompassing much of the Cities trade leisure and retail centers.


MAP 2 : Oracle Zones

NOTE: The numbering is a little organic in places. This is due to the fact that we have written and made cannon certain locations that make it difficult to number the zones in a complete logical sequence. However, real life is also somewhat organic and I think the occasional oddity simply adds flavour to the setting.


Zone Allocation :

Zones are allocated by OSEC to enable the efficient administration of the vast City that is Oracle. Each Zone will be served by a Civic Councilor and have an allocation of the public purse to deliver security, health and other key functions of OSEC.

The Core District : Zones 0,0A - 08 and 1A - 1H
OCON Heights : Zones 30 - 39 and 105 - 110
Encorp SRS : Zone 131
OSEC : Zones 111 - 120 and 127
The Wards : Zones 121 - 130 (Except 127)
Downtown : Zones 9 - 10, 18 - 29, 50 - 52 and 62 - 84
West Works : Zones 2 - 17 and 85 - 104
Slums : Zones 40 - 47 and 53 - 61
Shi'Ying : Zone 132
External Facilities : Zones M1 - M4

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