Foxhunt: Off to Battle

The group was escorted to a ‘green room’ for Romeo to get ready.

“They don’t know you, Romeo.” Piper said, locking apologetic eyes with her Alpha, a glance saying /more than she would out loud in front of the others. She pressed the barcode tattoo on her wrist to her heart while her other hand gave the briefest caress to the side of his cheek. “Show the pup here how it’s done. We can take him for ice cream after.”

“Maybe it’s just me … but I have a bad feeling about this.” Roach said shifting uncomfortably.

Hearing Roach say it out loud put a sharp spike in Piper’s anxiety level. She expected a simple fight, like the matches the pups talked about that, took place in the Kennel, a way to get the Neo and get out, not whatever fucked up spectacle Rowan was planning.

“I would be worried if you didn't. Besides didn’t you hear Piper … Ice Cream!” Romeo said cheerfully as he stripped off his equipment into a bin including his flack jacket. “Besides maybe this will earn us a bit more respect down here in the Hive.” He added keeping things positive.

“A minute?” Piper said to Roach, raising both her eyebrows, making a motion for him to turn around. She looked to Toxx for the same, not that it would help, but it was the idea of privacy. She hugged her Alpha around the neck. “With sprinkles. I know you like sprinkles.” Lowering her voice to barely above a whisper, she added: “I’m so sorry,” before holding him tighter. “You’re my everything.”

“We do what we have to do.” Romeo murmured his arms wrapping gently around her waist. “Don’t you don’t worry ‘bout me, I’m made of pretty stern stuff.” He said trying to assure her, pressing her forehead to his. “It'll be alright.” Romeo whispered confidently to her.

Piper closed her eyes resting her forehead to his. “457, that’s My Alpha.”

“Always.” Piper’s Alpha affirmed.

Roach cleared his throat when he heard someone approaching. Most likely to help prep Romeo. Still, for the folks at the Spire, it was as intimate of a moment as it got. Such physical displays were very much a private moment between and a Neo and their Alpha. Roach couldn’t help but wonder if he would have that kind of relationship with his future Neo … one day.

“I’ll pup-sit.” Piper offered, breaking from her Alpha and sliding her hands into her back pockets. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep him out of trouble.”

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