Foxhunt: Whatever Rowan want ...

Rowan stood and walked over to the edge of her viewing box. It was a bloody circus down there, Orlock was clearly crazier than a bag of cats in a spin drier by the crowd was lapping it up. She tapped the glass and it began to slide up leaving her standing on a balcony above the fight. Orlock was spread-eagled on the floor in the middle of some sort of drooling hallucination. He had managed to skewer his right thigh and left arm on the spikes floor and blood was pooling around his body.

She held out her right arm palm down and the ground of the fighting pit stopped its movement. She closed her fist and the spikes withdrew. Orlock twitched violently as the two that was impaling him sank away from sight. The crowd were chanting now and Rowan extended her thumb wavering from up to down,

“Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!”

Romeo was looking up towards her and she raised an eyebrow as he slowly shook his head.

Orlok chuckled insanely as the spikes retracted from his body. It was a good thing he didn’t feel pain. He looked at the three different Romeo’s staring down at him sadly.

“Don’t look so sorry for yourself, mate. You didn’t volunteer for this bullshit, did you?” He chuckled and wiped some blood from his mouth.

“Hey, just a heads up. If Rowan decides to have you off me, maybe go back to OSEC and spot them a tip. BastioCorp is up to bullshit. The kind even the Corp-families might not like to hear about. But, aheh, I think the drugs are starting to leave my system now.

Hmph, who was that asshole who popped some coke at me? You know, it sucks. I really did think I’d gotten out of here. You can probably relate, you’re one of those werewolf Psi-Ops guys, right? I heard you’re all cloned in vats or abducted as kids or whatever. Just goes to show that the corporations really don’t give a damn. If she drops her thumb don’t hesitate, alright? Just gonna get us both dead.” He chuckled lamely.

Rowans thumb wavered back and forth as she listened to Orlocks mutterings over the fight comms. At the sound of BastioCorp she froze.

“Red.” she called back to her subordinate and the woman appeared at her side. “Did you hear that?” Rowan asked.

“BastioCorp.” Red confirmed.

“Get that freaky little shit into surgery right now, I want those memories restored and extracted by morning.” Rowan glared down at the drug addled miner, “and Red… organise something tasty for the crowd they are not going to like this.”

Rowans thumb rose upwards sparing Orlocks life.

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